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Stanton's annual fundraiser, Spring into the Arts, had a new location and a happy-hour vibe in 2023! This year's event took place on May 15 at the Deacon at 1600 Christian Street. To all who supported SITA this year: Thank you for helping us raise more than $40,000 to benefit students and teachers at Stanton!

Filling gaps in public school funding to provide robust co-curricular experiences for all children

We are dedicated to filling the gap left by inequitable urban public school through creating fund raising and capacity-building. We work closely with multiple stakeholders--school leaders and staff, students, neighbors, and our wider Philly community--to gauge needs and monitor the efficacy of programming we help put into place at the school. 

This is our primary work, and we invite everyone to pitch in, through direct giving, volunteering time or talent, or simply spreading the word about our work. 

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